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Digital nomad life, charity governance, freelancing with health conditions, or just plain ol’ social media – I’d love to share my experience.

Putting myself forward

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We are so over manels (definition: panels made entirely of men). It’s way past time that big and small events alike bring in some fresh faces and new voices – and I’d like to be one of them.

Sure, with just over 5000 followers across platforms, I’m not exactly gonna be your celebrity headline act. But I promise to bring my complete self (and some valuable insights).

Some of the things I know

Topics I enjoy chatting about

Digital nomad lifestyle

It’s got a glamorous veneer; I’ll share the everyday reality

Sustainable social media

Avoiding burnout while scrolling never-ending timelines


After nearly a decade of client management, I’ve got opinions

Charity governance

I was the youngest person to join the board of a Wildlife Trust


How I work for myself while balancing health conditions

Wildlife conservation

Policy, engagement, and encouraging diversity in leadership

Ooh, writing this bit is hard

There's a whole host of reasons why your audience might want to hear from me

They might be looking for motivation to try digital nomad life. Perhaps they want practical tips on freelance pricing, accessible social media practices, or travelling while working.

Maybe they’d just like to know that it is possible to join the board of a regional charity in your twenties. If nothing else, people tell me I have a nice voice. So there’s always that.

Articles from the Rebecca Broad blog

A sneak peek into the topics I think about

Rebecca Broad sits on a bench overlooking a small estuary beach in Cornwall
Freelance life
Holidays, sick leave, and bereavement: how I take time off as a freelancer
15 February 2024
Case studies

Let our work do the talking, something to introduce your case studies

South West Mutual mission image
A project for South West Mutual
Creating a regional social presence
Ideaflip blog screenshot
A project for Ideaflip
Storytelling blog content for a software company
Shout out to these lovely people

Where I've been featured

Question time

Over to you

I’d relish the opportunity to be part of your event. Mmm, relish.

Speaking FAQs

I go by ‘she, her, hers’ pronouns. You can call me Bex.

If I’m using slides, they’ll be text-minimal, and presented in high-contrast, sans-serif fonts. I’ll always describe images out loud. I do my best to avoid over-complicated language, and will share any relevant content warnings well in advance.

This depends entirely on the speaking situation. I’ll let you know ASAP if there’s something that would help me access your event.

Yep, via the wonderful With Jack.

I’m covered for professional indemnity and legal expenses up to £1,000,000.

You can email me whenever you like, safe in the knowledge that I set (and keep) my own boundaries regarding work. These include:

  • not working on weekends and Thursdays
  • keeping communication to email where possible
  • replying to emails at specific times, not throughout the day (#focus)
  • aiming to reply within 3 working days

Only certain clients are given my mobile number. This is to use during a security emergency or at a pre-defined time.

At least a month in advance is ideal.

If you’re only weeks or days out, it’s still worth getting in touch in case I have some last-minute availability.

Occasionally, yes – but I have to be very selective about these opportunities.

As a rule of thumb: if you are selling tickets to an event or want me to teach new skills, I will not speak for free; if your resource or group is entirely free, I will consider it alongside my current paid workload.

Retained clients are invoiced on my final working day of each month. Project and one-off clients are invoiced at the start and end of the project. All invoices have a 14-day payment period.

I am used to working with larger organisations – particularly in the public and educational sectors – who require purchase orders and, sometimes, longer payment terms. Get in touch and we’ll work out a payment schedule that works for us both.

Sorry but it's not a negotiable

It's scone as in gone (not scone like mown)


Fill out my contact form and let’s get talking.