The person behind the pixels

It's Bex, not Becky

Freelance content writer, organic social media manager, nomad, and trustee.

Rebecca Broad Communications
Time to get your message across

Helping you communicate with the people that matter

Organisations like yours do awesome work. But too often, telling people about that work is left ’til last. That’s where I come in.

Sole trader or start-up, charity or listed company – I help get your message across, whatever your business model.

The best journeys are winding

From writer to scientist and back again

I grew up scribbling in notebooks about the plants, animals, and fungi I encountered in the Midlands countryside, and decided a Biology degree would mean I could save the planet. I quickly realised I hated doing science, but liked writing about it.

Volunteering at science festivals, editing a paper, and interning with PR agencies and marketing teams solidified a new aim: communications. Now I get to help elevate those making positive changes for our society and environment.

It's only really HMRC who calls me Rebecca Broad Communications

You can call me Bex

When you choose to work with a freelancer, you’re choosing to invest in a person. That’s why I’m upfront about who I am. No smoke-and-mirrors “we at RB Digital!” here.

And every freelancer is different. Here’s why I might be the right choice for you.

Proud to be a Devon-based digital nomad (not the Bali type)

Find me in:

The freedom of freelancing

Since 2022 I’ve enjoyed living in all sorts of places: Tenerife, Scotland, Cornwall, and more. I think the novelty feeds my creativity!

Practicalities of life on the road

Nearly all of my travel is in Europe (#sustainability) so there’s no need to worry about timezone impacts on meetings or deadlines.

Testimonials from lovely clients

Here's what they say about Rebecca Broad Communications

We've worked with Bex for 4 years and she is quite simply fantastic. An excellent, clear communicator, as well as diligent in her work. She's truly a delight to have around – her passion and compassion shines in every interaction. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat.
Bex's dedication and creativity shone through in every post, engaging our community, and spreading awareness... The project's success owes much to Bex's outstanding efforts in reaching a wider audience.
Bex has taken us forward in understanding our strategy around content. We're in a much better place than when we started.
Bex's ability to craft a story, plus her collaborative and detailed approach, has made her an invaluable part of our team. She's one of the best.
If you are looking for a communicator who is clever, flexible and passionate – look no further than Rebecca.
Rebecca is an extremely diligent and organised worker (perhaps a rarity for such an exceptional creative!). When you throw into the mix that she's down-to-earth and easy to get along with, it makes her perfect freelancer to reach out to.
Her work ethic and how she presents her work are the most impressive things about working with Bex. I'm delighted to have her in our extended team and I wholeheartedly recommend her.
Rebecca is a truly excellent creative. I would highly recommend working with Rebecca if you take telling your story or communicating with your audience seriously.
We loved working with Rebecca, who is thoughtful and a great strategist. Rebecca quickly spotted opportunities and understood how to capture and share our brand story.
Rebecca is a consummate professional able to deliver very high quality, well researched and well articulated content to meet even relatively tight deadlines. She has been a great resource for us.
Calgary / Minehead
Rebecca brought passion, determination, attention to detail, organisation, and a new perspective which was much needed. I really enjoyed working with Rebecca and massively respected her input and creativity.
Malawi / Kingsbridge
Rebecca organised our existing social media accounts so they present a much clearer picture of who we are. She also developed posts for us. She has left us with a fantastic handbook, with lots of tips. Thank you Rebecca!
Who I work with

Do any of these ring a bell?

Teams who are new to social

You know social media’s important, but don’t know where to start

Groups needing neutrality

Partnerships trying to avoid bias or groupthink in their messaging

Time-poor organisations

Neglecting content-heavy resources like blogs and reports

Organisations between people

Needing an interim in-house comms or marketing resource

Over-committed agencies

Professionals who just need a helping hand (or two)

Just cba

You can do social, but you’d rather focus on your zone of genius

Time to namedrop

A selection of clients from the past eight years

Education Training Skills
Charitable training provider
Torbay Council
Local government
Kindling Interventions
Violence prevention training
Safer Exeter
Statutory authority
University of Exeter
Academic institution
RockSolid Race
County Durham
Obstacle course company
Vixen Labs
Conversational AI agency
Serious Effect
SEO Consultant
South West Mutual
Banking start-up
Exeter City Council
Local government
Police & Crime Commissioner
Devon & Cornwall
Community policing
Vixen Labs
Conversational AI agency

Places I've been featured – both professionally and for my voluntary roles and campaigning work

Four principles guiding my business approach

Learn first

I think there’s a lot to be said for sitting back, absorbing what’s happening, and thinking things through – and then taking action. 

Communicate clearly

I aim to present information in the clearest form possible. And I promise never to use technical speak to make myself sound fancy.

Respect everyone

As someone with health needs, accessibility isn’t an afterthought for me. I always encourage clients to share their requirements.

Act deliberately

Marketing gets a bad rap for a reason. No dodgy tactics here. Plus – from reporting to NDAs – I take compliance seriously.

Impact doesn't have to be a buzzword

Choices I make for my business

The question ‘how do I want to freelance’ soon turns into ‘how do I want to live my life?’

Here are some of the practical ways I bring my personal beliefs into business.

It's important to take time off as a freelancer

My upcoming out-of-office dates

I plan time off work many months in advance, allowing myself and my clients plenty of advance notice for project planning.

Dates are liable to change, but I am currently due to be out of office in weeks commencing:

  • 22 April
  • 24 June & 1 July
  • 2 September
  • 28 October
  • 23 & 30 December
Now it's your turn

Fancy a chat?

If you think we’d work well together, the next step is to fill out my contact form. For further snooping, find me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter/X.