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A pair of fresh eyes can work wonders. Let’s look at your social media, online content, or wider business.

Next availability:

May 2024
It's time to go up a gear

Put the doubts to bed

When you’re in the depths of running a team, department, or business, it can be hard to take a step back. Over time, doubts build up.

Are we making the most of social media? What does our content really communicate? How can I take my freelancing more seriously?

Gently does it

I'll work with you to identify areas for improvement – and plan out next steps

My main aim is to make whatever you want to learn about feel accessible. Everyone is at different stages with their online presence: me included! I’ll never shame you for not knowing something.

Whether you’re looking to leverage an established personal brand, or just thinking about starting a LinkedIn profile, let’s chat. I promise to make it as fun and easy as possible.

The ins and outs

A few of the things we can make progress on together

Strategy development

Let’s review your organic content strategy (or create one!)

Social media skills

How to strategise, create, schedule, post, engage, & measure

Profile optimisation

Tweaks to help boost your discoverability & engagement

Creating processes

Repetition is key to social success; get it right, right from the start


Such as writing Standard Operating Procedures for socials

Platform training

The basics of how to use LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Instagram, Facebook

Freelance questions

Pitching, proposals, pensions, pricing – I’ll share what I know

Choosing a focus

It’s hard to know where to start with marketing, so let’s work it out

As Tiësto said: let's get down, let's get down to business

Consultancy pricing

Consulting price list

After a one-off boost or a team get-together? This isn’t an exhaustive list. If what you need doesn’t fit into these categories, get in touch anyway!

  • One-off call £120

    A short questionnaire in advance, a 60-minute call, key action notes shared with you afterwards, and an email a fortnight later to see how you're getting on. Best for making progress on a single topic or question.

  • Monthly consultancy £200 per month

    Twice a month we check in on your progress, discuss next steps, and set tasks to complete before our next meeting. Best for those who need accountability to make changes over a period of time. Minimum 3 month period.

  • Group workshop Contact to discuss

    I'll bring together your team on a bespoke workshop. Involving everyone in the process increases buy-in and belief – for long-term success. Available to deliver online and in-person, though this may incur travel costs.

Last revised: Spring 2024
Testimonial central

Lovely words about my work

I’ve helped start-ups, charities, and established businesses in different ways with strategy and social media consultancy.


Bex has taken us forward in understanding our strategy around content. We're in a much better place than when we started.
Rebecca organised our existing social media accounts so they present a much clearer picture of who we are. She also developed posts for us. She has left us with a fantastic handbook, with lots of tips. Thank you Rebecca!
Who I work with

Some of the clients I've helped via consultancy

Grant-writing company
Marketing assistants
Charities & non-profits
Banking start-up
Established PR agency
Case studies

Let my work do the talking

Ideaflip blog screenshot
A project for Ideaflip
Storytelling blog content for a software company
South West Mutual mission image
A project for South West Mutual
Creating a regional social presence
Your social media consultant

I'm a thoughtful gal

One of the reasons I enjoy consulting is the depth of thought required. Read more about how I started my business.

How I apply my principles to consulting

Learn first

I can’t help you make progress if I don’t fully understand where you are now (and how you got there, and why). Listen, then do.

Communicate clearly

Consultants are prone to fancy language (to impress) and overstuffed presentations (to bamboozle). I prefer simplicity.

Respect everyone

I’m committed to meeting your needs and learning styles – from our first conversation, to any final documentation.

Act deliberately

I won’t recommend a single action to you unless I have deliberated over its value and fully believe it’s a good next step.

Let's get quizzical

These won't answer all your questions, but they're a good start

Contact me to ask any other questions you like.

Yes, even “do you think Jaffa Cakes are actually biscuits?”

Consultancy FAQs

I go by ‘she, her, hers’ pronouns. You can call me Bex.

Oh heck yes, though these can work out more expensive than the online equivalent. It depends on where you are and what we’re working on.

In-person workshops have been some of my favourite work ever. Let me tell you: I have a great selection of pastel highlighters, and Hotel du Vin Exeter do some wonderful fruit platters.

Yep, via the wonderful With Jack.

I’m covered for professional indemnity and legal expenses up to £1,000,000.

You can email me whenever you like, safe in the knowledge that I set (and keep) my own boundaries regarding work. These include:

  • not working on weekends and Thursdays
  • keeping communication to email where possible
  • replying to emails at specific times, not throughout the day (#focus)
  • aiming to reply within 3 working days

Only certain clients are given my mobile number. This is to use during a security emergency or at a pre-defined time.

I do free work – i.e. volunteering – in my charity governance roles. My business work is paid.

I can provide samples of my previous work. Test work must be paid for.

Yep – but they cost slightly more than normal outsourcing agreements.

NDAs usually swear me to secrecy, so no one knows that those excellent product descriptions/social media posts/training scripts weren’t written by you after all (wink).  This restricts my marketing, making it harder to grow my business.

If you’re happy for me to mention you as a client – and need me to sign an NDA purely for business confidentiality – this won’t come at any extra cost.

Retained clients are invoiced on my final working day of each month. Project and one-off clients are invoiced at the start and end of the project. All invoices have a 14-day payment period.

I am used to working with larger organisations – particularly in the public and educational sectors – who require purchase orders and, sometimes, longer payment terms. Get in touch and we’ll work out a payment schedule that works for us both.


Shall we chat about having a chat?

Before we dive into consultancy, get in contact to discuss the options and next steps