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Article writing on a lawn, as you do
Top left box of the Eisenhower matrix, anyone?

Take 'article writing' off the bottom of your to-do list

You know how important it is to have regularly published articles or blogs on your website. But do you ever get around to writing them?

By outsourcing to a freelance writer (👋) you’re investing in your organisation’s voice and discoverability in the industry.

Into the weeds

It's all about the detail

Blame the Biology degree: I can’t hand over writing that is anything less than meticulously researched, enjoyable to read, and of genuine value to your organisation.

I’ve worked on listicles, interviews, news blogs, and historical optimisation projects. Looking for social or white paper writing? Check out my Content page.

Quality first

Whether you want one or ten articles, here's what's included

30-minute call

We’ll use this time to tease out the project’s purpose, content, and place in your marketing funnel

All research

I’ll gladly take guidance, but I don’t need to be given 39 sources – I enjoy the research side! 

950 words minimum

You need more than a handful of words to discuss a topic at the depth required to rank


The closer we can get to your voice, the better; I include one round of amendments as standard


Aiming for thought leadership? Makes sense for me to chat to your leaders about their thoughts

Social media posts

Social shareability is key for content repurposing, so I provide copy for three posts

AI transparency

Generative AI is a divisive toolset, so I promise to follow your lead on whether (or how) to use it

External proofread

No one can proofread their own work – I organise another human to look over my writing, before handover

Search optimised writing

Headings, links, meta description – I’ll give your articles more power to climb the results page


I’ll link up with your PR agency, SEO consultant, and anyone else who’s helping you

Let's chat numbers

My article writing prices

Article package price list

Bespoke projects are more than welcome. Alternatively, take a look at these package prices. Monthly retainers start with three calendar months, then we move to a rolling contract.

  • Three articles £950

    Need to catch-up on that web blog backlog? (Try saying that three times fast.) The injection of fresh content you've been looking for.

  • One article a month £300/month

    The minimum a business should be publishing to keep their website feeling fresh and performing in search results. Hand it over for to-do list relief.

  • Two articles a month £550/month

    Let's sort out that editorial schedule once and for all. I'll help you establish and expand credibility for your industry and niche.

Last revised: Winter 2023
Don't just take my word for it

Testimonials from people I've written for

From PR agencies to publications seeking new connections, my words have helped clients reach their business goals.

We've worked with Bex for 4 years and she is quite simply fantastic. An excellent, clear communicator, as well as diligent in her work. She's truly a delight to have around – her passion and compassion shines in every interaction. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat.
Bex has taken us forward in understanding our strategy around content. We're in a much better place than when we started.
Bex's ability to craft a story, plus her collaborative and detailed approach, has made her an invaluable part of our team. She's one of the best.
Her work ethic and how she presents her work are the most impressive things about working with Bex. I'm delighted to have her in our extended team and I wholeheartedly recommend her.
Rebecca is a truly excellent creative. I would highly recommend working with Rebecca if you take telling your story or communicating with your audience seriously.
No niche, just a bunch of interests

Some of the topics I've written about

E-commerce MFA
Group facilitation
Leadership coaching
SaaS providers
Plastics recycling
Responsible tourism
Happy happy clients

Case studies

Ideaflip blog screenshot
A project for Ideaflip
Storytelling blog content for a software company
Sticker in a window
A project for Safer Exeter
Turning Government funding into valuable public communication
Flow state central

It all started with this

Article writing is where I nerd out the most for my clients – and where my business began.

Read about how I got into this freelancing malarkey.

How I apply my principles to article writing

Learn first

I take the time to understand your organisation’s aims, tone, and competitors – so my copywriting is built on solid foundations.

Communicate clearly

You’ll always be up-to-date with my timelines and requirements. If you use a project management tool, I’ll join in happily.

Respect everyone

By considering diversity in all forms, I aim for actively inclusive writing, helping to connect with the largest possible audience.

Act deliberately

I examine the inclusion of every phrase, sentence, and paragraph. If I think the brief needs additional detail, I’ll speak up.

You know you wanna know

I'd write about writing all day if I could

Something else on your mind? I’ll happily answer any questions you have.

(And, unlike ChatGPT, I won’t just hallucinate if I don’t know the answer.)

Blog copywriting FAQs

I go by ‘she, her, hers’ pronouns. You can call me Bex.

I can, but as a default, I do not. Use of generative AI is such a divisive topic that I follow your guidance and preferences to a T.

At the very least, please make sure you are aware of the legalities of generated outputs. This blog is a good place to start. (No, I didn’t write it.)

Press releases, news articles, and blogs about business updates are usually 400-800 words – shorter than your typical informational blog post.

This doesn’t mean they’re easier, though. These shorter pieces often have a different user intent behind them, so require more strategic thinking and distillation. Get in touch and we can have a chat about what you need.

Absolutely. I love getting my teeth into longer writing pieces.

Get in touch and we’ll work out a bespoke price.

Monthly retainer clients receive all of their content by the end of each calendar month. Therefore, you probably want to brief me on blogs three to four weeks before you want to publish them, though I can occasionally work to tighter deadlines.

If you’re booking a one-off package of blogs, turnaround time depends on my schedule. I usually try to get them to you within two to three calendar weeks.

Absolutely not. Words that come out of my brain belong to you as soon as the invoice is paid.

Plus, it’s a team effort. You brief me, provide amendments, run the business the blog is for, and press publish.

If you want to give me a byline, that’s lovely. I’d almost certainly share it across my social platforms, and probably link to it from my website.

Over to you

Let's get those blogs written

Questions? Or are you ready to brief?
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