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The project

Interviewed members of staff, tested out features, and collated internal and external experiences to create long-form, storytelling blog content.

Created multiple high-quality images using photography and graphic design skills to elevate each blog's visual interest.

Wrote social media post copy to accompany each blog, ensuring content was ready to be shared by company staff.

"[The content has] taken us forward in understanding our strategy"
The client

Ideaflip began life in the early 2000s, when the arrival of new SDKs allowed the co-founders to start coding dynamic, interactive pages. Various tools were built and sold on, after which the team came back to their initial wall of post-it notes, each one a cool idea to bring to life.

Then the team realised: they wanted to re-create that post-it note experience itself. They wanted to help others bounce, share, and develop ideas. Ideaflip – an online collaborative tool – launched.

Usage spiked in during pandemic restrictions, and users remained as the world opened up. Idealip continue to chase their goal of minimum viable toolset: making functionality as simple as possible; putting user ideas in the spotlight.

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The brief

James Allen, a software engineer and adviser brought on to help Ideaflip as usage spiked during lockdowns, had a bunch of blog ideas to help flesh out web content. Co-founder Andy also had the start-up's story to share.

With all of the team's hands-on-deck for scaling and development, I was briefed in to help make these ideas a reality.

The approach

During winter 2020-2021, I worked on identifying outlines and titles of six long-form blog articles. Some of these had been generated by the team prior to my involvement, and some of them were ideas I pitched in following user and competitor analysis.

I interviewed team members, perused transcripts, and built narratives; responded to edits asynchronously using Google Docs; and wrote additional copy for social media posts and blog snippets.

The results

Six long-form blog articles, still available to view on – and hopefully bringing traffic to – Ideaflip's website.

Each blog was delivered with SEO-friendly formatting, an external proofread, two rounds of external edits, and social post copy.

I also supplied original imagery that I created photographically, in graphic design programs, or in Ideaflip itself.

Quote arranged on Ideaflip sticky notes
"We're in a much better place than when we started, thank you"
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