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From emails to webpage copy, whitepapers to press releases, I’ll help your organisation get the message across.

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August 2024
[insert generic quote about how content is king]

Show people why they should trust you

This is classic marketing funnel stuff. If you aren’t publishing information about yourself (online or offline, I’m not sniffy), how is anyone going to know you exist?

Referrals are great, but they only get you so far. Don’t rely on other people to grow your network. Build it yourself with persuasive web copy, newsletters, and case studies.

Your freelance content writer

I suppose you might call me a generalist

Some freelancers specialise in report writing. Others in short-form web copy. I’ve helped clients get results with all types of content and copywriting – and don’t intend to choose a niche anytime soon.

One bonus of being a generalist is seeing a project from concept to completion. I’ll just as happily work on tagline concepts as I will on long-form articles.

The top ten

My favourite content and copywriting services

Content repurposing

One press release equals three blogs equals thirty social posts – welcome to #ContentMaths

Case studies

I didn’t do your work, so I have the distance to write about it with both passion and perspective

Blog writing

This is my most popular service for a reason – read more on my blog writing page

Product descriptions

Answer questions before they’re asked, and persuade people to choose your products 


How-to guides, standard operating procedures, internal and external communications projects

Social media posts

I’ve spent thousands of days crafting posts – find out more on my social media page

White papers

You’ve got the data; time to use it to build trust with your audiences through valuable reports

Web copy

Let’s make your website stand out in the crowded search engine results pages (SERPs)

Press releases

In conjunction with a PR agency or not, I can help announce your latest exciting project

Content editing

Some of your oldest content might be your most popular; I review and edit to keep it sharp

The numbers part

My content and copywriting prices

Content and copywriting pricing

Most content and copywriting projects are bespoke – I design the outcomes for your business goals and price accordingly. The below gives you a headstart on what to expect.

  • Content repurposing from £350

    I'll adapt a hero piece of content (e.g. long-form article, podcast, or webpage) into a short blog and multiple social media posts.

  • Content editing project from £450

    I go over your core webpages with a fine-toothed comb. Edited copy delivered via Google Docs within two working weeks.

  • White paper from £750

    This research-led content will become your go-to resource of the next 6-9 months. I can recommend a data gathering partner if you don't yet have one.

Last revised: Spring 2024
Let's hear it for the clients

Content about my content

Here are a few of the agencies, start-ups, and marketing teams I’ve helped with content and copywriting over the years.


We've worked with Bex for 4 years and she is quite simply fantastic. An excellent, clear communicator, as well as diligent in her work. She's truly a delight to have around – her passion and compassion shines in every interaction. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat.
Bex has taken us forward in understanding our strategy around content. We're in a much better place than when we started.
Bex's ability to craft a story, plus her collaborative and detailed approach, has made her an invaluable part of our team. She's one of the best.
Rebecca is an extremely diligent and organised worker (perhaps a rarity for such an exceptional creative!). When you throw into the mix that she's down-to-earth and easy to get along with, it makes her perfect freelancer to reach out to.
Rebecca is a consummate professional able to deliver very high quality, well researched and well articulated content to meet even relatively tight deadlines. She has been a great resource for us.
Calgary / Minehead
Adaptable and excited to learn

A few of the industries I've written for

Voice technology
Leadership coaching
Regional charities
Generative AI
Media & PR
Travel & tourism
Plastics recycling
Internal communications
SEO consultancy
Legal research
Case studies

How my content and copywriting services have helped these businesses

South West Mutual mission image
A project for South West Mutual
Creating a regional social presence
Ideaflip blog screenshot
A project for Ideaflip
Storytelling blog content for a software company
A little bit about me

Hey, I'm human

Creating copy and content is too fun to delegate entirely to our generative AI overlords. I’ll keep doing it until someone clones me entirely, I guess.

Read more about how I got into freelance content writing.


How I apply my principles to content and copywriting

Learn first

First, we both get clear on the desired purpose of your content, and its tone. Only then do I start crafting copy.

Communicate clearly

Simple. Clear. Efficient. I aim high for every content project – and apply the same standards to how I communicate with clients.

Respect everyone

I only work on projects that respect their audience. I’ll pushback on tactics like scarcity messaging or inflationary pricing.

Act deliberately

Every word counts – especially when those words are key to helping you bring in business. I’ll always take a thoughtful approach.

You've got questions, I've got answers

Every freelance writer is different

If these don’t scratch your itch, get in touch.

No such thing as a silly question. Not even “would you rather be a worm or a slug?”


Service name FAQs

I go by ‘she, her, hers’ pronouns. You can call me Bex.

Yep, via the wonderful With Jack.

I’m covered for professional indemnity and legal expenses up to £1,000,000.

You can email me whenever you like, safe in the knowledge that I set (and keep) my own boundaries regarding work. These include:

  • not working on weekends and Thursdays
  • keeping communication to email where possible
  • replying to emails at specific times, not throughout the day (#focus)
  • aiming to reply within 3 working days

Only certain clients are given my mobile number. This is to use during a security emergency or at a pre-defined time.

I do free work – i.e. volunteering – in my charity governance roles. My business work is paid.

I can provide samples of my previous work. Test work must be paid for.

Nah. Those are best left to the professionals. I do work alongside some trusted freelancers on video and audio assets, so feel free to ask me for recommendations.

I sometimes use my own photography and graphic design in social media or content work, but only to amplify the written message.

I give some cost examples on my website, but most project and retained work is bespoke. After our initial conversation, I’ll send you a proposal with at least two different cost options. You can request tweaks.

On occasion, I work at an hourly (£60) or day (£380) rate. This is usually best for agencies who have a clear idea of what they need and when. My minimum charge-out is two days per calendar month.

Can I? Heck yeah! Get in touch. Love an agency.

Especially when you invite me to your Christmas party and I get to feel like part of the team. But it’s fine if you don’t do that.

No, really. Totally fine.

Yep – but they cost slightly more than normal outsourcing agreements.

NDAs usually swear me to secrecy, so no one knows that those excellent product descriptions/social media posts/training scripts weren’t written by you after all (wink).  This restricts my marketing, making it harder to grow my business.

If you’re happy for me to mention you as a client – and need me to sign an NDA purely for business confidentiality – this won’t come at any extra cost.

Retained clients are invoiced on my final working day of each month. Project and one-off clients are invoiced at the start and end of the project. All invoices have a 14-day payment period.

I am used to working with larger organisations – particularly in the public and educational sectors – who require purchase orders and, sometimes, longer payment terms. Get in touch and we’ll work out a payment schedule that works for us both.

Yep, this is your final call to action

Let's talk about words

If you’re interested in booking me for a content or copywriting project or retainer, the first step is to fill out my contact form.