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Social media management

From strategy and scheduling to engagement and analytics – an all-inclusive approach to social media management.

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June 2024
Your organic social media manager

Pretty much everyone uses social media...

…but using scissors doesn’t make me a hairdresser. Bring in a professional to make success more likely, whether you’re after site visits or brand awareness.

Outsourcing also frees up energy. Relieved from the stress of social, your team gets to focus on their skillsets. Win-win.

Here's how I approach things

We need to start seeing social media as an ecosystem

Social media management includes a whole lot more than posting a meme at the right time. Sure, I plan and write and schedule and edit posts.

I also interact, analyse, audit, and make the necessary back-end tweaks to keep your profiles as visible as possible.

It's time to take your socials seriously

What might social media management include?

Strategy development

If you don’t yet have a social strategy, I’ll spend our first month creating one from scratch

Content plan

A viewable calendar so you can see upcoming events, awareness days, and scheduled posts


LinkedIn posts, Instagram captions – you name it, I write it (also available as a stand-alone service)


I use on-platform and third-party scheduling software to get your posts live at the right time

Image sourcing

I use your visual identity to create on-brand infographics and find relevant photography

Profile tweaks

Bio, page description, industry selection – these all impact discoverability and actions taken

Social engagement

The clue is in the name: you need to be social (i.e. responsive) online to build relationships

Password management

Security is non-negotiable: share your encrypted logins and I’ll keep them safe in a password manager


Data collection to measure social performance, inform future posts, and feed into funders if relevant


We’ll meet for at least 30 minutes a month to discuss upcoming content, results, and advocacy

Let's talk numbers

Social media management pricing

Example price list

Due to the highly individual nature of social media accounts, all quotes are bespoke. These examples provide a guideline. Retainers begin with three calendar months before converting to a rolling contract.

  • Basics management package £425/month

    Twice weekly posts on two social media channels, with weekly engagement.

  • Full management package £975/month

    All writing, scheduling, and image sourcing for 12 LinkedIn posts, 24 X (Twitter) posts, 12 Facebook posts, and at least eight proactive engagement sessions.

  • Post writing only £350

    A package of 30 social media captions, including hashtags, handles, suggested formatting, but not images.

Last revised: Spring 2023
Take their word for it

Testimonials from people I've worked with

My social media management work has helped these organisations raise awareness, grow followership, get press coverage, and increase sales.

We've worked with Bex for 4 years and she is quite simply fantastic. An excellent, clear communicator, as well as diligent in her work. She's truly a delight to have around – her passion and compassion shines in every interaction. I'd work with her again in a heartbeat.
Bex's dedication and creativity shone through in every post, engaging our community, and spreading awareness... The project's success owes much to Bex's outstanding efforts in reaching a wider audience.
Bex's ability to craft a story, plus her collaborative and detailed approach, has made her an invaluable part of our team. She's one of the best.
If you are looking for a communicator who is clever, flexible and passionate – look no further than Rebecca.
We loved working with Rebecca, who is thoughtful and a great strategist. Rebecca quickly spotted opportunities and understood how to capture and share our brand story.
Variety, variety

Industries I've worked in

Local government
Sustainable eyewear
Media & PR
Wildlife conservation
Voice technology & AI
Philanthropic travel
Mutual banking
Corporate training
Property management
Leadership coaching
Case studies

I'll let my work do the talking – click through to see the results I've gained for clients

Ideaflip blog screenshot
A project for Ideaflip
Storytelling blog content for a software company
Sticker in a window
A project for Safer Exeter
Turning Government funding into valuable public communication
Let's get into the data

The person behind the accounts

Data is key to social media management – and I gained my number-handling skills from a BSc at the University of Exeter.

Read more about how my science background feeds into freelancing.


How I apply my principles to social media management

Learn first

Handing over the reins to your social accounts is an act of trust. I’ll spend the first few weeks learning your tone and approach.

Communicate clearly

You’ll always have full view of the upcoming (and past) content calendar. Accessibility is non-negotiable; I always write alt text.

Respect everyone

Every post is a representation of your brand. I don’t engage in spammy tactics like follow competitions or engagement cells.

Act deliberately

Social media is where people most often encounter your organisation, so each post is carefully considered before going live.

Did you know that the term FAQ came from Eugene Miya at NASA?

Let's get those questions answered

What else is on your mind? Ping your thoughts over and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Social media management FAQs

I go by ‘she, her, hers’ pronouns. You can call me Bex.

Nope. I prefer to keep things simple. I factor all costs into my proposals, so you’ll only have to pay extra for one-off purchases like ad spend.

‘Organic’ refers to posts that are free to publish. Therefore, I only have to charge clients for my time.

Paid social on the other hand (i.e. advertising) is a specialist skillset. I can contribute to paid projects (for example, through posy copywriting) but only once we’ve established an organic presence.

Oh heck yes, though these can work out more expensive than the online equivalent. It depends on where you are and what we’re working on.

In-person workshops have been some of my favourite work ever. Let me tell you: I have a great selection of pastel highlighters, and Hotel du Vin Exeter do some wonderful fruit platters.

Yep, via the wonderful With Jack.

I’m covered for professional indemnity and legal expenses up to £1,000,000.

You can email me whenever you like, safe in the knowledge that I set (and keep) my own boundaries regarding work. These include:

  • not working on weekends and Thursdays
  • keeping communication to email where possible
  • replying to emails at specific times, not throughout the day (#focus)
  • aiming to reply within 3 working days

Only certain clients are given my mobile number. This is to use during a security emergency or at a pre-defined time.

I do free work – i.e. volunteering – in my charity governance roles. My business work is paid.

I can provide samples of my previous work. Test work must be paid for.

Nah. Those are best left to the professionals. I do work alongside some trusted freelancers on video and audio assets, so feel free to ask me for recommendations.

I sometimes use my own photography and graphic design in social media or content work, but only to amplify the written message.

I give some cost examples on my website, but most project and retained work is bespoke. After our initial conversation, I’ll send you a proposal with at least two different cost options. You can request tweaks.

On occasion, I work at an hourly (£60) or day (£380) rate. This is usually best for agencies who have a clear idea of what they need and when. My minimum charge-out is two days per calendar month.

Can I? Heck yeah! Get in touch. Love an agency.

Especially when you invite me to your Christmas party and I get to feel like part of the team. But it’s fine if you don’t do that.

No, really. Totally fine.

Yep – but they cost slightly more than normal outsourcing agreements.

NDAs usually swear me to secrecy, so no one knows that those excellent product descriptions/social media posts/training scripts weren’t written by you after all (wink).  This restricts my marketing, making it harder to grow my business.

If you’re happy for me to mention you as a client – and need me to sign an NDA purely for business confidentiality – this won’t come at any extra cost.

Retained clients are invoiced on my final working day of each month. Project and one-off clients are invoiced at the start and end of the project. All invoices have a 14-day payment period.

I am used to working with larger organisations – particularly in the public and educational sectors – who require purchase orders and, sometimes, longer payment terms. Get in touch and we’ll work out a payment schedule that works for us both.

Let's get those socials shining

Is it time to bring in a freelance social media manager?

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